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Matt Groening likes The Residents from Don Hardy on Vimeo.

Matt Groening likes the Residents

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Jonathan Meese

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what if everyone in the world could manipulate one crab. and it was their soul crab and like if we sycnhronized our thoughts our crabs could work together as an army and overthrow evil governments but you could also use your crab for evil like to snip someone

it would be an interesting view into the hearts of humans, these soul crabs

It’s 2AM somewhere

crabs have no concept of time. only creation and destruction

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Its about that time of year again almost….

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for discordian humor and insight in delicious bite size format check out @laerteslives on twitter

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James Doyle Penrose. Detail from Iduna, Daughter of Svald, 19th Century.


James Doyle Penrose. Detail from Iduna, Daughter of Svald, 19th Century.

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One: We’re Discordians, so we’re automatically labelled “weird but harmless” no matter what we talk about. Let’s quote famous assassins! Nothing is everything! Truth is permissable!

Two: We’ve known about this for years — or so Boing Boing keeps telling me. Why then did it take…

Link 5 Jun 1 note WHAT’S ON NOW?! | Shirley & Spinoza Radio»

Just another friendly reminder that the best radio station out there …is still out there…

broken, bouncing, mixed up radio waves from your planet

Text 2 Jun 8 notes Its not about mind expansion, what good does that do if the mind remains in a box? It’s about allowing for space in between the cracks of the “solid” mind. Allowing for space around everything in your head. Distance, workable distance. Fill it in emptiness. The ability to continuously step back from, or step into the mind as the witness.

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